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My testimony! TESTIMONY! I'm OFF medication! Praise God!!!!!!!!  I'm free of the bondage of sickness, disease, medication and soul wounds. After years and I mean YEARS of having anointed hands laid on me and believing in Jehovah Rapha, I HAVE the manifestation of my physical healing. -Jessica ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------- “I first met Susan through reporting about a unique ministry her late husband had embarked on, and through the years have grown to be good friends and professional associates, sharing advice on just about everything under God's sun. Susan is a multi-dimensional person, busting with talent, creativity and a zest for life. She has a very compassionate heart, a non-judgemental ear and is one of the few people I know who is both humble and grateful for the places in which God chooses to use her. She sets big goals but has the wisdom and patience to wait on God to bring those into fruition in His timing. She is intelligent, humorous, dedicated and caring. I have very few friends who are as trustworthy as Susan. When she speaks, I listen.” Billy Bruce, News Editor, Charisma Magazine - February 17, 2008 Billy Bruce, Facebook ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Freedom Christian Fellowship “at one point while Susan was speaking the whole room seemed to just glow and radiate with golden glory” We hosted our first annual Voice of the Turtledove Prophetic Conference with Susan as our primary speaker this last weekend. The meetings were simply glorious, at one point while Susan was speaking the whole room seemed to just glow and radiate with golden glory and I felt as if I was to be caught up into the very presence of God. Susan spoke with both clarity and maturity and I highly recommend her, the ministry God has given her to this and other nations, to anyone who is ready to meet and encounter God in a very real way, her message is vital.- Shane Keeling Director -Freedom Christian Fellowship
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Hi Susan, I love you and your video's. There is given in my heart by God, many Christian Americans will to come to the Netherlands. I do not know when and how much, but they are most welcome. This is what I would like to share with you. Love from Netherlands  -Isra