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"I have known Susan & Steve Waldrop for many years, and their wonderful son and daughter, and I am always thrilled by their dedication to God and the teachings of Jesus. They reach out in so many ways to touch us ... with their outstanding music which inspires us... their simple but effective expressions of their faith... their lives lived on a high plane. Because they are so talented, they touch lives that others could never reach. We at Excellence In Media are especially devoted to them for the countless hours, as knowledgeable volunteers, they have given to the International Angel Awards. They themselves are angels.-- Mary Dorr, Founder of Excellence In Media, International Angel Awards, Hollywood, CA The White House Washington March 13, 1989 Dear Mrs. Waldrop: On behalf of President Bush, I want to thank you for your recorded message. He appreciates the sentiments which prompted you to remember him in such a special way. Spiritual messages such as yours are indeed gratifying. With the President's best wishes, Sincerely, -Shirley M. Green - Special Assistant to the President for- Presidential Messages and Correspondence Sunday, June 07, 2009- "Susan, I am speechless. Everything spoke volumes to my inner man. Do you have any products on the prophetic? The reason I ask is because I am always around the prophetic and even used for some years and I have not found a person who the Lord uses so accurately and in love concerning the word of knowledge and the gift of prophecy. I would like to learn from you to strengthen my prophetic gift from the King to glorify Him. "Thanks, Darrick J TSgt USAF AFMC 96 MDSS/SGST Thu, July 9, 2009 Dear Susan, Thank the Lord for this wonderful word you have sent this morning! God bless you!What an encouragement to me it is, and He knows I have needed it. I am a professional violinist, string teacher and performer. My daughter and son-in-law are professional opera singers, and my husband is artistically gifted and the son of an artist, so we are in fact quite involved in the arts. So how accurate was this word. I am so thankful that He led me to you. Thank you and HIM so much for this priceless gift to me today. Praise Him, Tyane March 5, 2009 'These "Daily God Whispers" are sooooo awesome!! I am printing them and taking them to a friend to read (with copywrite attached of course). :) Thank you Susan ... for sharing, for touching my heart, for teaching me, for being my friend and for being HIS!!! I Love you! ' Posted by ~Candy, just Candy~ Nov. 25, 2006 - "My Whispers" is more than just a book with words typed on a page. "My Whispers"candy is the actual voice of the Lord speaking to us directly through you, Susan. When I read from "My Whispers" I can actually hear God talking to me specifically. He shows me things from each "whisper" that relates to my life and He always points me to which "whisper" I should read every time I open my book. He reveals something new to me through the words you have shared with us, Susan, for the words truly came from Him. I have become closer to the Lord by His 'whispers' that are so eloquently shared by one of His most humble and faithful children. "My Whispers" is a precious blessing that I will cherish forever. Thank you for this treasure, Susan! I love you deeply, my sister. His children will know His voice! – Candy Dear Susan, Yesterday afternoon I received my book in the mail.... I LOVE just love it. And the Lord is already speaking to me from it. Last night my spiritual daughter and friend came over for dinner and was sharing a recurring vision she’s been having (she’s been a Christian only a short time and six months ago started getting visions). Right after sharing, she got up to go to the bathroom and I opened the book which was on the table in front of me, and I opened spot on page 56 “his unexplainable colours”... and it’s about what she’s been seeing in her visions... the invisible hand of the Lord opening up chest like curtains and the most amazing colours bursting out of her body. Isn’t the Lord AWESOME?You REALLY have the Lord in you, and I’m so very, very blessed to know you. I've got your book by my bedside and often find myself reaching out for it. As I read from it, it is as if God himself is speaking directly to me. It never ceases to amaze me. You are a blessing from the Lord and I love you with the unconditional love of our Lord Jesus. Hugs and lots of love to you, dear One. May the Lord always make his face to shine upon you and be a blessing unto you. - Anne [from Australia] December 31, 2007 Dear Susan, As I type this I am thinking, "What can I say, what can I write that will give this woman the fullness of the impact her 'Whispers from God' have had upon me?" Once more I am weeping after reading "The Golden Key", something that seems to happen after each email I read of yours. I do not fully understand this, but your words- His Words I guess, seem to seer into my heart in this dreadfully beautiful way. Many times there is one line or one word that confirms something I have sensed yet doubted. Other times there is such love and encouragement that targets my heart so specifically I am quite overcome by it all. How thankful I am that you follow the Lord's lead in the ways you do. And today, I am so very thankful to have read this, His timing, your timing, once more an encouragement I seemed more in need of than  I realized. Thank-you! May the Lord's rich Love continue to envelope and guide you in the year ahead. Blessings, Karen Thompson